About Us


The formation of this association is motivated by the concern that the Arts/Humanities have been experiencing in the past, till the present, the questioning of their contributions to national development in a world where emphasis is on technology innovations to drive the economy. In this regard, the Arts/Humanities are considered peripheral in the spheres of economic, scientific, management and technological development of nations. Globally, various governments, funding agencies and multinational corporations have equally adopted their erroneous attitude which always leads to budgetary cuts for the advancement of knowledge in the Arts/Humanities, resulting to poor or complete absence of research funding, constant struggle for financial support, poor public prestige, lack of policy implementation of research findings in this area. The above challenges and more, informed the formation of Faculty of Arts/Humanities Scholars Association of Nigerian Universities (FAHSANU).

Our Vision

Building a conscientised citizenry with high propensity to appreciate the relevance of the Arts/Humanities and the sciences to development.

Our Mission

To address the knowledge gap regarding the role of Arts/Humanities in Society.

Our Goal

An informed society with a high appreciation of the Arts/Humanities’relevance.


FAHSANU has a seven (7) member board of trustees. There is an Executive committee comprising the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Auditor, Publicity Secretary, Legal adviser, Welfare Officer, and Six Zonal Coordinators.


  • Local and International organizations with similar drive.
  • Skilled resource persons in related fields of the Arts/Humanities.

Our Value

Love for holistic education comprising Arts/Humanities, science and technology as well as entrepreneurial skills.

Our Objective

  • To strengthen solidarity among scholars in the Arts/Humanities through intellectual exchanges, discourse and interactions.
  • To provide and disseminate information on grants and other necessary assistance to its members.
  • To articulate other objectives which are legitimate and lawful for the members of the association.

Areas of Focus

  • Awareness creation of Arts/Humanities’ relevance.
  • Advocacy
  • Capacity building for career effectiveness through conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Research and documentation.

FAHSANU’s Objectives

These include the following:

  • To act as an umbrella association of Faculties of Arts/Humanities’ Scholars in Nigerian Universities.
  • To build capacities of its members to be able to respond to professional challenges through workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences.
  • To strengthen solidarity among scholars in the Arts/Humanities through intellectual exchanges, discourses and interactions.